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Tea canister (Morning dew)

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Tea canister made of cherry bark inlaid with Mother of Pearl.

By the aesthetics of this canister the craftsman would like to transmit the image of a bud. It is an assembly of several mountain cherry bark: a thin bark traditionally used on tea boxes, another bark chosen for its marbling, and finally the back of a thin bark, all for a dynamic finish. On the lid, careful mother-of-pearl inlays are reminiscent of morning dew drops on the buds.
The contemplation of this box will enrich your tea tasting. This assembly is made possible by the "Kabazaiku" bark processing technique of Denshiro, which dates back to 1851 and has been passed down for six generations.

The bark of the wild cherry tree is harvested in such a way as to allow its regeneration so as not to interfere with the growth of the trees.

Dimensions: Ø 8.3 cm × H 9.3 cm
Materials: Wild cherry bark, natural wood
Volume of tea leaves (approx.): 100g
Finish: Polished

Never leave this product in direct sunlight or in a humid place.
Do not get wet. Occasionally wipe it thoroughly with a soft cloth.
Never use scrubbing brushes. Not suitable for dishwasher. 
*Due to the use of natural materials, patterns and colors may vary.