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Wooden tea box and spoon set

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Set of a tea box made of wild cherry bark and its tea leaf spoon made of Pterocarya wood covered with wild cherry bark using the "Kabazaiku" technique (bark work). This technique of the Denshiro company dates back to 1851, and has been passed on over six generations. The wild cherry bark is harvested in such a way as to allow it to regenerate so as not to interfere with tree growth. This elegant tea box is a natural case to keep your teas in the best conditions.

Tea box: 7.2cm H 11.1cm 
Spoon: L3cm L9cm

Material: Wild cherry bark

Never leave this product in direct sunlight or in a damp place. Do not get wet. From time to time wipe it carefully with a soft cloth. Never use scrubbing brushes. Not dishwasher safe.
*Because of the use of natural materials, the patterns and colours may vary.

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