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Wooden tea box (brown)

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The name of this tea box, KARMI, comes from a poetic concept Karumi, literally meaning "lightness", evoked in the poems of Haiku's Japanese poet, Basho Matsuo, who lived in the 17th century. The designer has applied the same concept, he tries to express minimalism for everyday life without relying too much on knowledge and technology. He also thinks that Haiku and design can be combined in terms of beauty.

This series of tea boxes is available in three colours: natural wood, brown lacquered, black lacquered. These boxes are perfect for teas and coffees, and even spices. Their aesthetics go far beyond the simple functional aspect: they are useful and decorative objects.

Colour: brown lacquered
Dimensions: Ø 7.1 cm x H19.3 cm 
Material: Betula grossa (mizume)
Food varnish

Do not allow to remain in water. After use wash with a mild detergent and wipe off. Do not expose to direct sunlight for extended periods of time. If the smell of a newly lacquered
product bothers you, leave it in a ventilated room for a
few days or wash it lightly with warm water several times. 
Never use washing brushes, scouring powder or 
of dishwasher.