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Our Philosophy

When the notion of modernity changes according to the societal context.

AchiKochi wants to change people's minds in order to get out of the "all plastic / all disposable" industrial world. Many everyday objects, once handmade by craftsmen using natural materials, perfectly fulfilled their function until values changed: they were then sacrificed on the altar of plastic in the name of profitability and modernity.

However, modernity must be confronted with the societal context: the revolutionary plastic of half a century ago has now become a global problem. The environment changes, society changes.

In this new context, obsolete handicrafts are once again becoming modern objects, as they better than ever meet the new standards that are taking hold in society: respect for people and the environment, quality and sustainability. A turnaround from the days when the "all-around" represented a revolution.

Handicraft products are inherently respectful of the environment and mankind thanks to their manufacture in sustainable materials; they enhance the skills and know-how of the artists who produce them.

It is to restore the full meaning of these objects and those who have always made them that we created AchiKochi.

About us


Thank you for visiting our AchiKochi online store. If you come to this page it is because you wonder who created this shop.

We have travelled, lived and worked in Japan for more than ten years. These experiences have left us with fantastic memories and changed the way we live and think. In Japanese society we particularly admire the humility of each other, and respect for others and objects. This is expressed, among other things, by a love of a job well done. Perfection down to the smallest detail. This is true regardless of the nature of the work in the company. This state of mind is very strongly felt in the craft industry.

To share this love of a job well done, we have decided to create this "select shop" AchiKochi, where we have presented a selection of objects made by craftsmen we know and who trust us with the message we want to convey.

These objects that we have selected for you express beauty and simplicity. They are all handmade, with noble and durable materials, by our Japanese craftsmen with know-how handed down from generation to generation. We admire these humble, talented, serious and perfectionist women and men who make works that are unique in the world, while working in the peaceful Japanese countryside where time has stood still...

For most of our craftsmen, AchiKochi is the first company to import their products into France or even out of Japan, and we are very grateful to them for having entrusted us with their works.

The brand name AchiKochi means "Here and there" in Japanese because our products come from regions scattered throughout Japan. It also means the freedom to travel here and there to discover and forage for what is beautiful.

We sincerely hope that you will enjoy our selection of objects, and that you will find little wonders that can be used on a daily basis for a natural quality of life.