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Wooden vase- Hanadoco

(Code: TNM-e02)
258.00 EUR

Small wooden vase for the Tokonoma.

Tokonoma is a small alcove with a raised tatami floor, where calligraphy, prints in different formats, plants (ikebana, bonsai, kusamono), art objects or other okimono (ornamental objects) are displayed.
The latter was once an indispensable part of the Japanese home as a place of decoration. In the tokonoma room, important guests were received by placing flowers in vases and decorating the tokonoma according to the season. Our craftsman Tanemoku proposes a new culture of decoration in today's living spaces.

The Hanadoco series, is a small wooden vase carefully crafted with craftsmanship cultivated since ancient times. A single flower displayed in Hanadoco will create a solemn atmosphere and a peaceful space.

Materials: Walnut
Dimensions: L55mm × W55mm × H102mm
Finish: Oil
The vase does not contain a glass tube.

Do not soak.
Due to the use of natural materials, patterns and colors may vary.

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