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Ichirin zashi (walnut)

(Code: KKM-e07)
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In Japanese, this type of vase is called "Ichirin sashi", single flower vase.

Our craftsman has tried to create a "single flower vase" with no unnecessary elements to symbolize beauty. Nothing but a flower, bringing calm and fullness.
This wall vase is hand carved by our wood craftsman-designer.

It is designed to hold a flower or a flowering branch from the side rather than from the top, to give an "Ikebana" atmosphere. The perfect finish and refined design of this object will transform your living room or bedroom.

Materials: Walnut
Dimensions: L33 cm x W 3cm H x 3cm
This vase contains a glass tube to hold water and flowers.

Never leave this product in direct sunlight or in a humid place. Do not get wet.
Due to the use of natural materials, patterns and colors may vary.