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Wooden bowl (M)

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This cedar bowl from the Akita region was created by the craftsman Shunji KURIMORI, the sixth generation of Magewappa's creative craftsmen. Magewappa is a high-temperature steam woodworking technique that allows you to shape a wooden blade to the desired shape. 
Extremely light, with a very pleasant touch, it will be ideal for serving rice, soup, ice cream or cereals, aperitif cakes. 

Size: Medium
Dimensions: D12.8 cm H7.2 cm  
Material: Cedar from the Akita region of Japan 

The wood is protected against water and dirt by a food grade varnish on the inside and outside. After use clean this product with cold or warm water, see use a mild detergent using the soft side of the sponge, then drain well and wipe. 
Not suitable for dishwasher and microwave oven.

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