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Wooden bowl AEKA (Plain)

(Code: GMS-e05p)
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43.00 EUR
The name of this series is Aeka. Through it, the craftsman wanted to transmit the delicacy and fragility of a fleeting beauty. The graceful shape of the curves and the finesse of the wood testify to the craftsman's great mastery of traditional woodturning. This bowl, made of Japanese chestnut, is available in three colours, natural, brown or black lacquered. Very light and smooth to the touch, it is used in Japan for rice, but of course you can also serve yoghurts, hot or cold drinks, tapas.

Colour: Plain
Dimensions: 11.9cm x H6.3cm
Material: Zelkova

Do not allow to remain in water. After use wash with a mild detergent and wipe off. Do not expose to direct sunlight for extended periods of time. If the smell of a newly lacquered product bothers you, leave it in a ventilated room for a few days or wash it lightly with warm water several times.
Never use washing brushes, scouring powder or 
of dishwasher.

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