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Porcelain Bowl (L)

(Code: UTJ-e04g)
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Porcelain bowl for universal use.

This fine bowl with its elegant shape and velvety touch is extremely pleasant thanks to the quality of Takahama glaze, and is available in three sizes, making it a companion for all occasions. 
The blue pattern dating from the Edo period, reproducing the shape of a seaweed, is characteristic of this Mirumon series. It slightly overflows on each edge of the bowl to discreetly remind its presence on the opposite side. 

Very practical, this bowl will accommodate your cereals, yogurts, fruit salads, morning coffee, rice and soups. Aperitif snacks and other peanuts will also fit in.

Size: Large 
Dimensions: Ø15.5cm×H8.5cm 
Color: White with blue pattern 
Material: Porcelain 

Dishwasher and microwave safe.

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