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Wooden stacking bowl (Black)

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The tradition has been woven by superimposing popular know-how throughout history. This Tsumugi dinner service with all its stackable elements embodies this notion of "weaving" or superposition. It is composed of 6 elements, two bowls and four plates, one of which also serves as a global cover. This service allows you to enjoy a soup, a rice and three small dishes for a complete meal. This cooking format is the heritage of the culinary culture of Japanese homes.

Colour: Black lacquered
Dimensions: Ø12.5cm x H12.4cm
Materials: Zelkova wood from Japan (Keyaki)

Do not allow to remain in water. After use wash with a mild detergent and wipe off. Do not expose to direct sunlight for extended periods of time. If the smell of a newly lacquered product bothers you, leave it in a ventilated room for a few days or wash it lightly with warm water several times. Never use washing brushes, scouring powder or dishwasher.

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