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Cherry bark wallet (Orange)

(Code: DSR-e28)
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This series of wallets is an original creation of our craftsman.

It combines mountain cherry bark and genuine cowhide. This wallet uses the best quality natural leather produced by Tochigi Leather, a tannery in Tochigi Prefecture since 1937. The color and suppleness of this leather comes from the fact that it has been tanned for one to one and a half months with tannins extracted from the bark of the mimosa tree.

The surface of the cherry bark is polished to give it its smooth and shiny appearance while retaining its natural bark aesthetic. The traditional Japanese kaba-zaiku (wild cherry bark work) is very suitable for today's leather goods.

This wallet can hold six cards, bills and receipts.
The gusseted pocket is perfect for holding change, so you won't run out of anything no matter where you are.

Dimensions: L 19.93 cm × W 9.3 cm × H 1.5 cm
Materials: Wild cherry bark, cowhide
Finish: Polished

Never leave this product in direct sunlight or in a humid place. 
in a humid place. Do not get wet. 
Due to the use of natural materials, patterns and colors may