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Cherry Bark card case (White)

(Code: DSR-e33)
115.00 EUR
Available at our craftsman

This card holder is an original creation of our craftsman. It combines mountain cherry bark and genuine cowhide.

The surface of the cherry bark is polished to give it its smooth and shiny look while keeping its natural bark aesthetic. This card holder shows that kabazaiku (wild cherry bark work), is perfectly suited for today's leather goods.

The gusseted pocket allows you to store more of your business cards and the pocket without gusset allows you to store the business cards you received.

With this unique and elegant item you will make an impression at your business meetings!

Dimensions: L 11 cm × W 7.3 cm × H 1.3 cm
Materials: Wild cherry bark, cowhide genuine
Finish: Polished

Never leave this product in direct sunlight or in a humid place.
in a humid place. Do not get wet. 
* Due to the use of natural materials, patterns and colors may vary.