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Traditional Japanese meal - Ichi juu san sai

Traditional Japanese meal - Ichi juu san sai

 Japanese cuisine isbased on the principle of "one soup, three courses", which theJapanese consider to be the most balanced meal. It is for this reason that wefind this presentation in kaiseki and Buddhist cuisine.

Onesoup, three courses" originally comes from "one soup, onecourse". Historically, this style of simple meal was used in the Zentemples of the Kamakura period. Over time, the menu was enriched for guestswith three courses and a soup. This then evolved into a traditional Japanesestyle of eating.

Itis a combination of a main course and two side dishes, with a bowl of miso soupin addition to a bowl of white rice, which does not count as a main course. Themain course is usually made up of protein-rich foods such as fish, meat andtofu, while the side dishes are vegetables.
Theservice for this type of meal generally consists of a bowl for the rice,another bowl for the soup, and three plates for the main courses.


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