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Small oval dish

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In Japanese, a Kozara is a small plate or a cup.
This adorable series of cups bears an algae motif that is the symbol of Takahama Yaki's Mirumon series, and dates back to the Edo period. The asymmetrical positioning of the pattern at the edge of the cup gives a very natural impression.
This cup comes in three shapes: tear, rounded triangle, and oval. It is really intended to accommodate little things to accompany meals, such as carved herbs, small squares of butter or cheese, pickles, or small sweets to enjoy with tea, such as small shortbreads or sugar squares. Their presence will bring originality and elegance to your table.

Dimensions: L 7.5 cm× W 10 cm × H 2 cm
Texture: Oval
Material: Amakusa porcelain

Dishwasher and microwave oven compatible.

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