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170th anniversary of
our craftsman
Fujiki Denshiro Shoten

On the opportunity of its 170th anniversary, Fujiki Denshiro Shoten in partnership with AchiKochi, wish to offer
- a cherry bark tea spoon from 50 euros purchase of Fujiki Denshiro Shoten products for the first thirty customers, or

- a cherry bark "Tray Origin"
(L20cm*L13cm*H1cm) from 100 euros purchase of Fujiki Denshiro Shoten products for the first ten customers.

Refining our work will refine people’s trust in us
Beauteous Cherry bark ware born from the interaction between artisans and nature.
Over our long history of the 170 years since our founding, there has been a philosophy that has been respectfully preserved and passed down from generation to generation. It is that, in the words of our founder, “Refining our work will refine people’s trust in us”. 
While keeping the values that have been handed down to us in our hearts, we believe that it is important to explore our ways forward, challenge ourselves, refine our work, and enhance our cherry bark ware together with our customers to stay close to them and refine their trust in us. 
The appearance of cherry bark which grows naturally in the mountains varies greatly depending on the environment in which it grows and the age of the tree, and none of them are alike. Therefore, how do the artisans decide which bark to use for what kind of cherry bark ware to bring out the most beauty? They say, “the bark itself gives us the answer. The artisans turn wild materials into beauteous cherry bark ware with learning passed down from their predecessors and experience gained with their own hands.
However, this cherry bark ware that has been created by the artisans is not yet “finished”. We at Fujiki Denshiro Shoten, believe that it becomes genuine "traditional cherry bark ware" when the product is used by our customers and blends into their daily lives.
While learning from the wisdom of our predecessors, we strive to pass on the true beauty of expressive cherry bark ware through the high quality of our craftsmanship, new approaches for today’s lifestyle, and repairing services to enhance it together with the customers after they purchase it.  
Fujiki Denshiro Shoten Co.,Ltd.
About Kabazaiku (Cherry bark work)

Harvest of the bark

Cherry bark is harvested between August and September in the mountains of northern Japan, because during this period the trees contain a large amount of water and the craftsman can peel the bark cleanly from the trunk. Then it is dried naturally for about two years. Even after the cherry bark has been harvested from a tree, if the total amount of harvest is less than one-third of the trunk area of the tree, the bark regenerates, and this part can be harvested a second time to give a more valuable bark. 

Cherry bark is a durable material because it grows back after being harvested. Cherry bark items have two main types of finish: "frosted bark", which retains the appearance of raw bark; and "glossy", where the surface is sanded down to a glazed effect. The surface of the tea caddies will become more glossy as you handle them.

Finish of the bark

The raw bark of wild cherry has a gray-brown color and its pattern is called marbled. It can be used as is to enjoy the natural look of the bark, but bark with a beautiful marbled pattern is rare, and therefore valuable. Raw bark turns reddish-brown when sanded, then with further polishing it becomes shiny and red, called Natural. To turn the wild cherry bark into the "Marble" and "Natural" craft material, the craftsman cuts and polishes each sheet of bark by hand.