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Wooden toys

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Series of wooden toys in the name of "& Learn". Zoo.
Children will feel the softness and warmth of wood when they play with these toys. The very soft and velvety finish to the touch has been designed especially for children. The contrast between the rounded shapes and the soft edges creates a richness of sensations in the hand. The work of our craftsmen to give these toys friendly expressions, is felt by children who want to touch them and play with them!

The thickness is 2 cm, a size that is easy to grasp even for small children. The simple shape is also suitable as an interior decoration object. The material is high quality beech wood from Europe, PEFC* certified. A very healthy wood that does not use chemicals such as insecticides or preservatives.

Giraffe: H 16 cm W 11 cm D 2 cm
Lion: H 9 cm W 13 cm D 2 cm
Sheep: H 9 cm W 11.5 cm D 2 cm
Tree: H 9.5 cm W 10.5 cm D 2 cm
Elephant: H 10 cm W 11 cm D 2 cm
Hippopotamus: H 8 cm W 14 cm D 2 cm

Material: Beech
From 3 years old  

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