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Traditional Japanese candle (18cm)

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Traditional Japanese candle made of natural wax.

The manufacturing technique of this Japanese candle (warousoku) has been passed down from father to son for 200 years. The wax from the seeds of the tallow tree is the only ingredient of this 100% natural product.

The candles are made manually one by one.

Their flame is large and bright and produces little soot. With time, a nice white powder crystallizes on the surface of the candle, making it white. This does not alter the quality of the candle.

Size: 18cm
Materials: Suet tree wax (Nankin Haze in Japanese)

Use the candles on a proper stand. Always use in a place where you can see the flame. Do not place combustible objects near the candles. Do not use in windy places. If the wick becomes long, cut with tweezers, leaving 1 to 2 cm. Do not place the candles in direct sunlight, or in a hot or humid place.