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Wavy soup plate - Blue Magnolia

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Arita yaki - Taizan, Flowered tableware.

Arita, in Saga prefecture, is one of the most famous cities for porcelain, and is the city where porcelain was born in Japan in the late 16th century thanks to the skills of Korean potter Yi Sam-Pyeong. It has been widely used since the Meiji period and during the Edo period, where it was called Imari yaki or Hizen yaki. The city of Arita and its surroundings still have many porcelain craftsmen.
Our craftsman Taizan, whose house was founded in 1912, specializes in making Arita yaki, and makes tableware in the shape and color of flowers.

This small soup plate is perfect for sophisticated and well-decorated dishes, pasta and rizotto.

Desserts will also be highlighted, like a cheesecake with its coulis or some slices of brioche with its jam!

Dimensions: L 18cm × W 17cm × H 4.3cm
Motif: Blue Magnolia
Material: Porcelain

Microwave safe.
Avoid dishwasher, the washing items could damage the
Each piece is hand-painted and therefore unique.