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Porcelain bowl - Red Peony

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Arita yaki - Taizan, Flowered tableware.

Arita, in Saga Prefecture, is one of the most famous cities for porcelain, and is the city where porcelain originated in Japan in the late 16th century thanks to the skills of Korean potter Yi Sam-Pyeong. 
Our Taizan craftsman, whose house was founded in 1912, specializes in making Arita yaki, and makes tableware in the shape and color of flowers.

This porcelain bowl with blue magnolias is called "Naburi".
Naburi in the dialect of Kyushu (southern island of Japan), means bent deformed. Indeed, the edge of this bowl is not perfectly circular but slightly wavy, like the corolla of flowers. The patterns are hand painted one by one by our craftsmen. Each piece is therefore unique.

The Naburi bowl is suitable for salads, stews and side dishes.

It is also suitable for "Donburi", a traditional Japanese dish consisting of a large bowl of rice with all kinds of toppings on top. Of course, it will be very suitable for serving tea or coffee, yogurt or cereals.
It will dress up your table in an elegant way thanks to its shape and its delicate patterns.

Dimensions: L 14cm × W 14cm × H 8.5cm
Motif: Red peony
Material: Porcelain

Microwave safe.
Avoid the dishwasher, the washing products could damage the decorations.
Each piece is hand-painted and therefore unique.