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Porcelain bowl - Blue and white

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Arita yaki - Taizan, Flower tableware.

Our craftsman Taizan, whose house was founded in 1912, specializes in making Arita yaki, and makes tableware with the shape and color of flowers.

This series is made using the "Sometsuke" technique, in which a motif is painted with a pigment, "gosu", onto which a transparent glaze is applied and then fired to reveal the indigo color of the pigment. This method has been used in China since the Yuan dynasty in the 12th century.

The composition and colors of this bowl, give the impression of a modern design with the serenity of a classic design. The result is a jewel that will fully satisfy you. The motifs are hand painted one by one by our craftsmen. Each piece is therefore unique.

This bowl is suitable for salads, stews and side dishes.

It is also suitable for "Donburi", a traditional Japanese cuisine consisting of a large bowl of rice on which all kinds of garnishes are placed. Obviously, it will be very suitable for serving tea or coffee, yogurt or cereals.
It will dress up your table in an elegant way thanks to the elegance of its shape and motifs.

Dimensions: L 14cm × W 14cm × H 8.5cm
Motif: Blue and white, Magnolia
Material: Porcelain

Microwave and dishwasher safe. 
Each piece is hand-painted and therefore unique.