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Place mat (Cherry tree)

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This flat rest really reflects the desire to make beautiful what is first and foremost useful and practical. With a simple shape that respects the texture of the wood, it combines the functionality of a flat rest with the design of an interior object. The size when deployed is approximately 22 × 22 cm. Size suitable for both small and large dishes. Also available in beech, walnut and maple.

Material: cherry tree
Size <Deployed> L 22 cm × L22 cm × L22 cm × H1.5 cm 
Size <Range> L3.2 cm × L 3.2 cm × L 3.2 cm × H11 cm
Finishing with vegetable oil
Leather strap (with nylon core)
Due to the natural material used, patterns or colours may vary from one product to another. 

Place the dishes in the centre of the flat rest to prevent them from spilling over. Do not use in the dishwasher, microwave, and keep away from heat. Wipe with a dry cloth, do not soak in water or sterilize by boiling. Do not place in direct sunlight and store away from heat and moisture. 

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