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Kids Bowl KINOKO(cherry tree)

(Code: SNL-e01 )
89.00 EUR
Our designer is the father of four children. Based on his observations of daily life, he designed this set especially for young children.

Kinoko Bol is a set (bowl / cup / spoon), whose elements are assembled in the shape of a mushroom (kinoko, in Japanese).

Apart from the capacity of the objects, the curved edge towards the inside of the bowl facilitates the taking of the food by the spoon and avoids to make it fall on the table. The narrow middle of the cup prevents it from slipping out of his hands, and the spoon is adapted for baby's mouth.

Playful, poetic, and natural! 

Watch the video of Kids bowl KINOKO.

Materials & Dimensions
Spoon: maple / L10cm 
Cup: maple / Ø6.7cm × H6.4cm
Plate: cherry / Ø9.5cm × H3.6cm
Because of the natural materials used, each item is unique.

Please store away from heat and moisture.
Do not soak in water or boil.
Not suitable for dishwasher and microwave.
Food safe varnish.

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