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Japanese pitcher set

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In Japan, cedar jugs and cups are often used to serve and drink Sake. This Sake ensemble, created using the Magewappa technique, will offer you a pleasant moment of tasting and contemplation. It will be perfectly suitable for digestives. 
The quality of the wood's thermal insulation keeps drinks at the ideal temperature and also prevents condensation on the cup for cold drinks. In addition, the scent of cedar combined with the scent of your drinks will open up new olfactory dimensions.

Pitcher: 7.6 cm H13 cm 
Cup - 5.5 cm H4.6 cm 
Materials: Cedar from the Akita region of Japan 

Moisten the interior before use by pouring a little water and then throwing away the excess. After use, rinse the articles in hot water to remove any deposits on the walls, then pour boiling water and wait between 2 and 3 minutes to warm the wood. Discard the water by shaking the jug and then place the opening vertically at the top for the 
drying. Not suitable for dishwasher and microwave oven.
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