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Hand bag (Triple stripes)

(Code: MGS-e06)
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Handbag in 100% cotton.

This bag, asymmetrical when open, reminds the shape of a Japanese shell, the Shijimi (the clam) when closed. Its very original way of closing makes it a unique bag: to close the bag you just have to put the big handle in the small one, and carry the bag by the big handle. Simple and very elegant, its format is that of the small pouches that Japanese women wear when they are dressed in Yukata or Kimono during summer parties or events. It is a traditional accessory with a modern design.

This handbag is the perfect size to carry your belongings for a small outing.

Material: Matsusaka cotton, 100% cotton
Size: Length 35cm, depth 19cm, width 25cm

Matsusaka cotton is dyed with indigo color, color transfer may occur due to rain, sweat, rubbing, etc. In this case, the color can be removed by washing. However, please avoid any situation that may cause color transfer.
Wash at 30°C.