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Fragrant cup (Brown Blue / L)

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Takatori Yaki pottery benefits from 400 years of know-how and is still used today for the tea ceremony. It is characterized by its extreme finesse and the nuance of its enamel. The Fragrant Cup allows you to fully enjoy the fragrance of your drinks thanks to a large surface area of liquid in contact with the air halfway up the cup, and a narrower rim to concentrate the flavours during the tasting. In addition, its rounded shape will curl up perfectly in your hands to enjoy the warmth of a hot drink. In this cup, teas, coffees and even alcohols will offer you the best of themselves!

Dimensions: 9cm H10.2cm
Size: Large / Color: Bronw-blue  / Materials: Sandstone
Due to the natural materials used, each element is unique.

Dishwasher and microwave safe

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