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Design wooden Beer cup (L)

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This item was awarded the "Good Design" prize from Japan in 2000.

This cup will be perfect for hot or cold drinks, because the wood will keep their temperature for a long time. The beer will be even better! It is very comfortable to hold, very light, and comes in two sizes, small and large. One can only admire the work that consists in bending a single blade of cedar to give it the shape of this goblet, while respecting the refined aesthetics of the wood's veins.

A beautiful goblet also for decoration!

Dimensions: Ø8.3cm × H10.2cm
Size: Large / Weight: 85 g / Volume: 340 ml
Material: Cedar from Akita region in Japan 

Thanks to a food grade varnish on the inside and outside, the wood is protected against water and dirt. After use, clean this product with cold or lukewarm water, or use a mild detergent with the soft side of the sponge, then drain and wipe well.
Not suitable for dishwasher and microwave.

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