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Coaster (large stripes)

(Code: MGS-e02-lr)
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This Matsusaka cotton coaster is available in 5 designs. The simple traditional striped pattern blends perfectly with the oriental or occidental style, making this product easy to use.
It can slip under your cups and glasses, and bring a soothing note to your moments of relaxation, during a good tea or hot chocolate. Don't hesitate to put it under your cold drinks and other beers.
Finally, it can be placed on furniture or shelves and receive small decorative ornaments, or a vase.

Pattern: Large stripes
Size: L9.5cm × L9.5cm
Material: 100% Matsusaka cotton

Matsusaka cotton is dyed indigo, colour transfer can occur due to rain, sweat, friction, etc. In this case, the colour is removed by washing. However, please avoid any situation that could lead to color transfer. As the dye is natural, avoid leaving it in direct sunlight or fluorescent lighting for long periods of time.