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Card case (fine stripes)

(Code: MGS-e04-fr)
Pattern :
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This card holder contains two pockets on both sides when opening. You can store your business cards separately. When you open the card holder, the softness of the fabric makes it easy to take the cards. Each of the two pockets can hold about 25 cards, for a total of 50 cards that you can take with you.
This foldable card holder is available in 3 designs.

Pattern: Fine stripes
Closed size: L11cm L7.5cm
Open size: L11cm L15.5cm
Material: Matsusaka cotton, 100% cotton

Matsusaka cotton is dyed indigo, colour transfer can occur due to rain, sweat, friction, etc. In this case, the colour is removed by washing. However, please avoid any situation that could lead to color transfer. As the dye is natural, avoid leaving it in direct sunlight or fluorescent lighting for long periods of time.