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Isothermal bottle (large)

(Code: KTK-e01)
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This isothermal bottle was created thanks to the cooperation between two craftsmen of different specialities. One works with metal (stainless steel) and the other with wood. This bottle presents a beautiful contrast with its bright and modern metallic surface, and the natural and warm wooden cap. The smooth, natural feel of the cup, in the hand and on the lips, is reassuring and pleasant. Very well made, this bottle will keep your drinks at room temperature, hot or cold, and will accompany you everywhere on a walk or at work.

Size: Large
Dimensions: Ø5.6cm×H27.2cm
Materials: Stainless steel, plastic hermetic pouring cap, wooden cup

Do not close the wooden cap too tightly to avoid splitting it. Do not place the wooden plug in a dry, warm place or in water for long periods of time. Each cap being made of wood they are all different and covered with the protective food varnish.